Apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5 via Construct 2.

Endrage.com is our current focus. Try it, it is free. Make wallpapers or just watch it fullscreen. Does the Spiral and Whirl formations. First time we have been able to put them into the same app. Plus, it runs via a website on a decently powerful device.


Common themes in our apps are: Creativity, Education, Computer Aided Art, and Non-Violence. Some of our most popular creations are Christian in nature. Nearly all of the apps are free. Many are opensource.  The best apps have links directly on this site. For all our apps (including the terrible ones):

Here are all the Apple/iOS apps.

Here are all the Android apps.

While the “Color” series of apps are more or less completed, many apps are in a state of development. If you find an interesting app, please leave a comment on our Facebook page. User input and interest drives the development of our apps far more than a desire to profit financially.

Creative Cross Live Wallpaper

Creative Cross Live Wallpaper Colorful Christian Live Wallpaper. Shapes explode in colors and size behind a centered cross. The background shifts color and the shapes randomly change to create a variety of scenes. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wudiware.colorcrossx.android